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"...absolutely inspiring and enriching." -- MEX attendee, May 2009

"The [MEX] Manifesto had already been written a few months before I posted it and well before the iPad was even announced. Looking back, MEX couldn't have foreseen the future any clearer..." -- Cameron Moll, designer, author and speaker.

"From the organisation leading up to it, to the hospitality and the people we've talked to it's been a really rewarding experience."

"...a great event, thanks very much. You guys obviously put so much effort into preparing and it definitely showed - well done."

"A huge thank you. MEX was great - I'm so pleased I was able to attend, and disappointed that I had to duck out before the very end, and missed the opportunity to congratulate and thank you personally. I definitely will urge more colleagues to participate in future..."

"Thanks so much - I just wanted to reiterate what a great, enlightening time I had at MEX."

"Thanks very much for organising a fantastic conference... I've been an organiser for an academic conference before, so I know something about what it takes, and I thought the way you kept everything running to schedule and also managed to stay calm, collected and enthusiastic was quite inspiring. I found the last two days very useful, especially in terms of making contacts with people who know a lot more about the mobile community and market than me!"

"...being at MEX this week was absolutely inspiring and enriching."

"...had a fantastic and enlightening time at MEX. What a cool format...loved it. A speaker's talk is only as good as the audience and I was lucky to have such a good bunch to speak to."

"Congratulations on doing such a great job running MEX, it was a world class conference and I feel very fortunate to have been a part of it. I had so many great and informative conversations with the other delegates, I credit this entirely to the way the conference was organised and run. I learnt so much more about mobile user experience than I could ever have imagined."

"Great conference, I always enjoy the discussion and debate that it generates."

"MEX was cool, a real liberation from fixed rules of thinking..."

"I truly enjoyed the conference. You've put together a unique event that was well worth the long journey."