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17th - 18th March 2016, Wallacespace St. Pancras, London - Buy tickets
Under the skin of user experience

Read the summary & photos from the March 2015 edition of MEX in London.


MEX is an event focused on user modes as the raw ingredients of digital experience across phones, tablets, PCs, wearables and more. The two day agenda enables participants to learn from expert speakers, develop skills & ideas in facilitated creative sessions and gain lifelong access to a network of fellow pioneers.

MEX sells out in advance; buy a MEX Pioneer ticket today to guarantee your place and save £700 or find out how to become a sponsor.

In March 2015 MEX explored...

User modes as the building blocks of digital design.

Robotics and drones: the machines are starting to move.

Multi-touchpoint experiences: products designed outside their own confines and greater than the sum of their parts.

Bridging the digital and physical worlds: transacting with the world through digital.

Understanding behavioural nuances: seeing subtleties, what users aren't telling you and why what we say rarely matches what we do.

Driving design decisions through user insight: connecting user insight with actionable, meaningful change.

New metaphors for consumption. Looking for real world inspirations to move beyond pages, music tracks, videos and photos.

Plans for the next MEX are already underway - be the first to know by signing up for the MEX newsletter or find out about proposing yourself as a speaker or facilitator.

>MEX is: inspiring speakers, chosen for unique insights not fancy job titles
Speakers chosen for unique insights not fancy job titles
MEX is: creative sessions where you gain skills through facilitated team challenges
Gain skills through facilitated team challenges
MEX is: meaningful networking, accompanied by great food and a uniquely relaxing venue to build valuable relationships
Great food and a uniquely relaxing venue to build valuable relationships

MEX delivers: content, videos of every speaker session
Videos of every speaker session (examples)
MEX delivers: skills, techniques you can share back at the office
Techniques you can share back at the office
MEX delivers: contacts, the lifelong MEX network
The lifelong MEX network
Speakers include...

User modes

By identifying common ways people engage with digital products, we can move beyond design governed by specific technologies or device types and instead use these modes to build experiences better suited to user needs.

Making choices in response to position
Seeking reassurance and proceeding on judgement
Exchanging meaning with others
Absorbing and interpreting information
Simplifying life through commands and automation
Originating something with expressive or functional qualities
Discovering novelty on an evolving path
Enhancing activity with additional layers